ORIGIN: Kirinyaga, Kenya

PRODUCER: Joseph Musila, Kiunyu Wet Mill



Kiunyu Wet Mill was established in the 1960s and currently has 3,082 members. It is one of two factories operated by Karithathi Farmer Co-operative Society headquartered in the town of Kirinyaga. Kiunyu, managed by Joseph Musila, is situated at 1,644 MASL and serves smallholder farmers in the local villages of Kianduma, Kiambuku, Kiambatha, Gature, and Kiamuki. The farmers typically have a small amount of land and cultivate the varieties of SL34, Ruiru 11 and Batian. As part of their membership, the co-operative provides training, credit & financial services, and inputs such as fertilizer to increase yield and plant health.

Kirinyaga county is located in Kenya's central highlands. Directly south of Mount Kenya - the second highest mountain in Africa after Kilimanjaro - the county's farmers utilize the abundant altitude and rich volcanic soils of the mountain's foothills to produce coffees characterized by their high quality, complexity and sweetness. Most farmers in the region are actually tea growers, but the climate and terroir is ideal for arabica cultivation.

Kenya Kiunyu

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