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Harvest Coffeehouse and Deli: Caro Michigan's premier Coffeehouse and Deli featuring a huge selection of fresh-roasted and flavored coffees, expertly crafted espresso based drinks, Smoothies, gourmet teas, fresh baked goods, gourmet subs, salads, local artwork on the wall, and free WiFi, all in a comfortable and inviting atmosphere and topped off with excellent customer service! We are Your Local Community Coffeehouse and Deli.

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specialty coffee

Harvest Coffee House cares about its coffee quality. We choose to use local roasters who only use top-grade coffee beans.  This ensures a good quality roast for all to enjoy. Using exact measurements we have increased the taste quality of our coffees for espresso, drip brew, pour-overs, and french presses.


Come in and try one of our specialty coffee brew methods such as pour-over or french press.